About us

Drones Eye View of Tampa Bay is on a daring mission to redefine the way real estate properties are showcased. We soar high above the competition, using cutting-edge drone technology to capture awe-inspiring aerial shots that leave viewers breathless. Our team of skilled photographers and creative visionaries is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of each property, revealing hidden perspectives and unlocking new possibilities. We believe that every home has a story to tell, and we’re here to capture that story from the sky. Join us on this thrilling journey as we take real estate photography to new heights and give Tampa Bay a perspective like never before!

About Jake Smitte, Owner & Operator of Drones Eye View of Tampa Bay:

With a passion for flying and a keen eye for capturing breathtaking aerial views, Jake has turned his five-year hobby as a drone pilot into a promising career in the dynamic drone industry. Driven, motivated, and ready to take on any challenge, Jake brings his expertise and artistic vision to provide exceptional aerial photography services throughout the Tampa Bay area. With a dedication to professionalism and a commitment to delivering outstanding results, Jake strives to exceed client expectations and showcase the beauty of Tampa Bay from a unique and captivating perspective.